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Whatever You will

October 15, 2010

The sorrows that once would have mortally wounded me now inflame my heart with love and the deepest gratitude towards my Beloved. Jesus, I want what You will! Whether it is compassion or cruelty, justification or condemnation, favor or disdain, compliment or insult, truth or falsehood, good or evil…I accept it as all from Your hand and I am pleased to take everything and anything that You see fit to give. What was bitter is now sweet and what I once hated I now love…that is why I have pleaded with You to give it to me! Just keep me from sin and I will fear nothing.

And still, look at me. I can be so silly. My sufferings are so small! They are almost entirely insignificant in light of Your lifelong Passion and the bloodshed of Your Saints. Oh that I wish I didn’t even notice myself at all, Jesus! For that would mean I was completely and wholly surrendered — as I should be. But I am not yet perfect because I still grumble.

I will not refuse the crown, and thus I will not refuse the wounds. No one can get to Heaven without first walking the Via Dolorosa and dying upon the Cross.

Whatever is Your perfect and pleasing will, O Lord,  is my profound pleasure to endure. ♥ I love You.


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